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Harbour Lights Inn
Frequently Asked Questions2022-02-17T10:33:19-03:30

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a bathroom in every room?2021-12-15T15:06:37-03:30

All of our guest rooms have their own ensuite with shower. Our Deluxe Rooms and Family Room have a shower and bathtub.

Is breakfast included?2021-12-15T15:06:57-03:30

Complimentary breakfast is provided to our guests at Annie’s Harbour Restaurant (a short walk from the Inn). Guests can choose any option from the breakfast menu at their preferred time. It is recommended that guests call Annie’s to reserve their table (an option available only to Inn guests). Check it out online at www.anniesrestaurant.ca

Is there free parking?2021-12-15T15:07:18-03:30

Yes, parking is available and it’s free!

Are all rooms on one level?2021-12-15T15:07:37-03:30

The Inn has three floors. Our Family Room is located on the main floor (ground level) while the other rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor. We also have three Oceanside Suites that are one-floor units.  Our yellow oceanside suite is wheelchair accessible. If mobility or stairs are a concern, please ask about these options when you reserve and state your preference!

Where are you located in Twillingate?2021-12-15T15:08:01-03:30

We are located at 189 Main Street Twillingate. This is in the centre part of Twillingate within walking distance from several restaurants, pubs, museums, art galleries and shops and in our biased opinion, perfectly placed.

When can I see icebergs?2021-12-15T15:08:19-03:30

We can never guarantee icebergs- we wish we could however it always depends on what Mother Nature chooses to provide! The best time for Icebergs is typically May & June month. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have icebergs in July and even August. The best way to see icebergs is of course to tour with us on the Twillingate Spirit at Twillingate Adventure Tours. Captain Chris will do his very best to find icebergs and whales while showing off Twillingates many inlets and Bays.

When is Whale season?2021-12-15T15:08:40-03:30

Twillingate’s peak whale season extends from mid-July to mid-Sept, but of course, it’s not uncommon to capture the holy grail of photography, a whales tale with an iceberg as the backdrop, can you imagine? Ask our Inn manager about booking the boat tour at a time that works for you or book online at www.twillingateadventuretours.com

What is the weather like in Twillingate and what should I bring to wear?2021-12-15T15:09:01-03:30

The saying goes in Newfoundland “If you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes” Essentially the weather is very unpredictable so we recommend bringing options for all types and layer up and down as needed. There is no bad weather in Newfoundland just bad clothing choices, comfy is key, leave worrying about looks at home, you’re on vacation!

Is there live entertainment in Twillingate?2021-12-15T15:09:21-03:30

We always like to boast about the options for entertainment in our Town. We are lucky enough to have many options. Check out www.visittwillingate.com to find out more!

Are there any hiking trails?2021-12-15T15:09:46-03:30

Of course! Twillingate is becoming well known for the trail options and has recently had trail upgrades to the Rockcut Trail system with new signage and other trail improvements. Look online at www.rockcuttrails.ca to view the options including the various intensity levels.

What amenities are available in the area?2021-12-15T15:10:04-03:30

Some visitors to the area are pleasantly surprised to see that Twillingate has all the amenities that they require. The town has grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, coffee shops, post offices, convenience stores, a gas station, etc.

How long a drive is it to the Fogo Island ferry?2021-12-15T15:10:32-03:30

It is common for our guests to take a day and go to Fogo Island. The drive to Farewell (where you board the ferry) is approximately a 45-minute drive. We recommend guests leave well in advance to ensure they get a seat as Fogo Island is quite a popular spot as well and the line-up, depending on the day, can be long!

Are there any packages available?2021-12-15T15:10:50-03:30

Yes! We have our very own Stay, Tour & Dine package. By staying at the Inn you will benefit from this offer. Please ask the Inn manager or inquire when you book.

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